Enabling SR-IOV on Linux

First of all, you need to enable SR-IOV in firmware settings (The way depends on firmware).

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 8.29.41 PM

There are two methods to enable SR-IOV on Linux: the deprecated method and the new method.

The deprecated method is to use max_vfs option on modprobe. When you want to allocate 8 virtual functions, you reload your SR-IOV-capable driver with the option, max_vfs=8.

The new method is to use sysfs. To allocate 8 virtual functions, you can redirect 8 to /sys/bus/pci/devices/{SR-IOV-capable device}/sriov_numvfs.

Note that your device needs to be installed to a PCIe slot with enough bandwidth. You will see the message below without enough bandwidth.

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